Self-Storage Deals Best for Seniors in the USA

As seniors in the USA transition into different phases of life, they often require reliable self-storage solutions to accommodate their changing lifestyles. Whether downsizing, moving to a smaller residence, or seeking a secure space for cherished belongings, self-storage facilities offer convenience and peace of mind.

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However, with numerous options available, finding the best self-storage deals for seniors can be challenging. In this comprehensive list, we have curated a selection of top self-storage facilities in the USA that cater specifically to seniors' needs. These facilities prioritize affordability, accessibility, security, climate control, and special amenities, ensuring that seniors' possessions are stored safely and conveniently.

Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage is a renowned self-storage provider with locations throughout the USA. Known for its excellent customer service and clean, well-maintained facilities, Extra Space Storage offers a variety of storage unit sizes to accommodate seniors' diverse needs. The company also provides climate-controlled units to safeguard sensitive items from extreme temperatures. Seniors can take advantage of flexible lease terms, including month-to-month options, which offer the convenience of adjusting their storage needs as necessary.

Public Storage

Public Storage is one of the largest self-storage chains in the USA, offering a wide range of storage options for seniors. With over 2,000 locations nationwide, Public Storage provides seniors with easily accessible facilities in various neighborhoods. The company offers competitive pricing and provides climate-controlled units to protect valuables. Public Storage also offers online reservation and payment options, making the storage process seamless and convenient for seniors.

Life Storage

Life Storage, previously known as Uncle Bob's Self Storage, is a reputable self-storage chain with locations across the USA. The company offers a Senior Discount Program, providing seniors with cost-effective storage solutions. Life Storage prioritizes security, offering 24/7 video surveillance, gated access, and secure locks on units. Additionally, the company provides climate-controlled units to protect belongings from temperature fluctuations.


CubeSmart is a popular choice for seniors seeking self-storage solutions in the USA. The company offers affordable pricing, and seniors can take advantage of special promotions and discounts for even greater savings. CubeSmart facilities are known for their cleanliness and security features, such as 24/7 video surveillance and keypad access. With a variety of unit sizes available, CubeSmart accommodates seniors' storage needs of all sizes.

U-Haul Self-Storage

U-Haul Self-Storage is well-known for its moving and storage services, catering to seniors' needs during relocations and transitions. The company offers a range of storage unit sizes, including climate-controlled options to protect delicate items. U-Haul facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, providing seniors with peace of mind regarding their stored possessions.

SmartStop Self Storage

SmartStop Self Storage offers seniors a wide selection of storage units with flexible lease options. The company provides various amenities, such as complimentary moving trucks for initial moves and discounted packing supplies. SmartStop facilities feature advanced security measures, including 24/7 video surveillance and secure access codes.

Simply Self Storage

Simply Self Storage is known for its affordable pricing and excellent customer service. The company offers seniors various storage unit sizes and climate-controlled options. Simply Self Storage facilities are designed with seniors' convenience in mind, featuring wide aisles and well-lit areas for easy access.

Metro Self Storage

Metro Self Storage operates across several states in the USA, offering seniors secure and well-maintained facilities. The company provides climate-controlled units to protect belongings from temperature fluctuations. Metro Self Storage also offers a variety of moving and packing supplies to assist seniors during the storage process.


iStorage is a self-storage provider with numerous locations nationwide. The company offers seniors a wide range of storage options, including climate-controlled units. iStorage prioritizes security, featuring electronic gate access, individually alarmed units, and 24/7 video surveillance.


StorageMart is a reliable self-storage provider with a strong presence in the USA. The company offers seniors competitive pricing and flexible lease terms, including month-to-month options. StorageMart facilities are well-lit, secure, and equipped with climate-controlled units to protect belongings.


Finding the best self-storage deals for seniors in the USA involves considering factors such as affordability, accessibility, security, climate control, and special amenities. The curated list of self-storage facilities provides seniors with reliable and convenient options that prioritize their unique needs. From nationwide chains to regional providers, these facilities offer various storage unit sizes, climate-controlled options, and security features, ensuring that seniors' belongings are stored safely and with peace of mind. Whether for short-term transitions or long-term storage, these self-storage facilities are the top choices for seniors seeking secure and convenient solutions to accommodate their changing storage needs.

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